Time Management Application for Anytime Removals

A new client of ours whereby we’ve developed a job scheduling system, somewhat similar to the appliance repair firms that we’ve worked with but still a bespoke set up due to the various requirements and location variables for this client that offers man and van services throughout London called Anytime Removals (who are based out of their Croydon head office/depot).

It was a fairly complex job with multiple variables and tolerances to be allowed for and cater for unforeseen circumstances. Custom pick up and delivery times, traffic zones, parking permits, flights of stairs, access issues, varying number of vans, sizes and multiple staff all adds to the complexity of the system. Multiply this by the several staff they have and accounting for tolerance levels for staffing issues and also weather and you end up with a fairly advanced system that calculates numerous metrics, providing accurate scheduling and cost efficiency savings for the company.

With our system we believe that Anytime Removals level of service will improve over time. They already provide a fantastic service however the organisation and management behind the scenes was mounting – our system save time and money. Allows for amore efficient and reliable scheduling, ultimately resulting in improved service for the customers.

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The Most Common Smartphone Repairs

If you own a smartphone, you probably have had to take it for repairs for at least one or two times. After all, who has never used a phone with a broken screen? Phones play a critical role in our lives, and no matter what we think, we can never really do without them. However, your phone can only serve you perfectly if you maintain it well and take it for regular check-ups. Just bought your dream phone now? Here are some of the common phone damages that might force you to book an appointment with a technician soon:

• The screen- This is probably one of the most common phone repairs. This is because the screen is the most exposed component of your phone. Although we all try to keep our phones safe, it just takes a matter of seconds for your phone to slip from your hand and just like that, your one day or even a few hours old phone is gone. Although you can use a cell phone case to help protect your screen from damage, once it is damaged, you have to take it to an experienced and skilled phone repair technician who will help you fix it.

• Water damage- Unfortunately, water damage is not always fixable in most cases. Whether your phone accidentally fell into a basin of water or you spilled some liquid on it, water can permanently damage your phone. It is important to note that very few warranties cover phone water damage and if it is spoiled, you might have to cover all the repair costs on your own. If your phone falls in water, try to dry it with a hairdryer before taking it to a professional and skilled technician. Please note that moisture can damage or corrode your phone’s components and so if you are to save it, you need to look for a technician as soon as possible.

• Home button- Sound unlikely, right? Home button damages are more common than you think. Remember that, once your phone’s button stops working, you lose your control over the opening or closing apps, or even navigating through your phone. This is a very frustrating experience, and you should look for the most experienced phone repair technician near you to help replace, repair or simply clean your home button, sleep, and the power button.

• Charging ports- If the charging ports are damaged, then you simply can’t use your phone. No matter how careful you are, charging cables and ports can bend or break easily. When this happens, you will only be lucky if you have some charge left on your phone, and this will also die out within a few hours. However, an experienced phone repair technician can quickly help you get your phone back.

These are some of the most common smartphone damage issues that you are likely to experience. Our phones are an extension of ourselves, and without them, we just can’t communicate, make deals with potential clients or even text our loved ones that sweet morning greeting! Get yourself a trustworthy and experienced phone specialist to help maintain your phone in good shape.

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How To Fix An Iron

When you’re a professional individual who works in the corporate world, or you’re trying to look presentable and dapper for a night out, the iron is an invaluable resource that you have your disposal. There’s something about an ironed pair of trousers or a shirt which lends professionalism and a good standard to your look, and it is something a lot of people use on a daily basis. When it goes wrong, however, it can be a real pain to try and put right. To seek to aid with this problem, we’re taking a look at some of the common problems that iron can develop, and how you can fix them.

A broken power cord and thermostat

If you’re using your iron on a very consistent basis, then it will come as no surprise that the power cords and the thermostat will be among the first things to stop working. To replace the power cord, you need to unplug the device before you do anything else to avoid accident and injury. Once you’ve removed the plug from the wall, the next step you need to take is to remove the cover panel on the iron to get a look at the inner wirings and design. Now that you’ve removed the cover, you should also remove any screws which hold the cord in place. If that’s done, locate the wire nuts that connect the power cord to the wires inside the iron, remove them, and then you can take the old power cord and throw it away. All you need to do from there is install a new cable by unscrewing everything you unscrewed, so it looks the same as when you found it. If you’re unsure, take a photo just before you start unscrewing things, so you have something to compare to.

A dirty soleplate

This is something which can interfere with the function and usefulness of the entire iron, so you should make sure this is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. To do that, you should unplug the device, and then use a damp cloth to clean the plate. Obviously, you don’t want the clamp to be dripping wet. Otherwise, you risk getting water into the electrical appliances and damaging them. In some cases, you need to use salt or even vinegar to break down stains, but it is better to apply this directly to the cloth and be very careful with it, than to drip any liquids onto the plate.

Overall, these are some of the common problems that are faced by people who have an iron which they use with frequency. You need to make sure that the metal is always clean, and that the power cord is not damaged due to overheating. Otherwise, you can run the risk of a fire hazard and a dangerous appliance. Regular maintenance of your device will help to keep it in good condition, and also ensure that you get a longer lifespan from it.

Does the above sound like something you could do, if so, get in contact with this Phoenix appliance repair who posted this job.

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appliance repair scottsdale

Time Saving – Appliance Repair Company

We’ve done some intensive research into this appliance repair Scottsdale Company to help them with managing their technicians’ time. In doing so, we have developed custom time management software that allows the office to send jobs to technicians on the go. The software can automatically generate each technician’s job list and allocate jobs to those that are nearest to the customer. It truly is brilliant software that has saved the company administration time. Communication has improved along with clarity too.

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Prioritize Your Projects to Get More Done

In our day to day jobs and life, we often get hit by numerous jobs at a rate that we cannot work them out.
Too many tasks at work

Do you have several tasks and a set time to complete them by?

Every task you have is important, every minute too?

However, all the jobs aren’t important all of the time…

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