Prioritize Your Projects to Get More Done

In our day to day jobs and life, we often get hit by numerous jobs at a rate that we cannot work them out.

Too many tasks at work

Do you have several tasks and a set time to complete them by?

Every task you have is important, every minute too?

However, all the jobs aren’t important all of the time…Possibly the most important thing to do when given several things to do at once, is to prioritize them. This will really help and put your mind at ease!
Why bother about complaining that there is too much to do, too many targets to reach, too many things to prove? Nobody can focus on too many things at one time. Although, there may seem to be people who achieve everything, but this will be down to their prioritization.

How to prioritize

We can often prioritize tasks by:

  • How easy the task is to complete
  • How urgent it is – time left to complete
  • Consequence factor

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