Time Management Application for Anytime Removals

A new client of ours whereby we’ve developed a job scheduling system, somewhat similar to the appliance repair firms that we’ve worked with but still a bespoke set up due to the various requirements and location variables for this client that offers man and van services throughout London called Anytime Removals (who are based out of their Croydon head office/depot).

It was a fairly complex job with multiple variables and tolerances to be allowed for and cater for unforeseen circumstances. Custom pick up and delivery times, traffic zones, parking permits, flights of stairs, access issues, varying number of vans, sizes and multiple staff all adds to the complexity of the system. Multiply this by the several staff they have and accounting for tolerance levels for staffing issues and also weather and you end up with a fairly advanced system that calculates numerous metrics, providing accurate scheduling and cost efficiency savings for the company.

With our system we believe that Anytime Removals level of service will improve over time. They already provide a fantastic service however the organisation and management behind the scenes was mounting – our system save time and money. Allows for amore efficient and reliable scheduling, ultimately resulting in improved service for the customers.

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